Nashville Home Inspector Valued by Realtor® Chris Mannino


Nashville Realtor® Chris Mannino believes in “performance, not promises” in real estate and in the recommendations he makes to others. This includes his referrals to Middle Tennessee home inspector services.

“As agents, we all want a thorough inspection for our buyers so a qualified inspector is a must have. I always let my clients pick their own inspector but many times they rely on me as a well seasoned agent for my referral. Mike is always first on my list.”

Mannino stressed that it’s not the job for an inspector to “warn a buyer off from a potential home” but rather to provide information. “An inspector's job is to report and not advise nor give opinions - just report the facts,” Mannino explained. “It is up to the buyer and the buyer's agent to discuss whether or not to proceed with a purchase.”

This is a main reason Mannino refers Mike and his Brentwood home inspection team.

“Mike does just that. He gives the facts without opinion,” explained Mannino. “However he has been known to calm a few buyers of mine when they thought an item that came up on the inspection report was a red flag when it may have only been a maintenance issue.”

Because of this Mannino suggests home buyers do their own research. “I tell them to do their homework when picking an inspector. With the industry as it has been for the past 5 years, many folks have turned to this industry to create an income stream as side income,” Mannino said. “Make sure your inspector is licensed, insured and is full time. This is not a field to dabble in. “

Other advice Mannino share with his buying clients is the need or as he said, “must” for pre-qualification. “I won't even show a home to a buyer unless I have a letter of pre-qualification and I have personally spoken with their lender,” he shared. “Know what you are comfortable spending and not just what your lender says is your max. Just because your lender says you can qualify for a $500,000 home doesn't necessarily mean that mortgage payment will fit your personal budget. Know your limits,” he encouraged.

For home sellers with homes older than five years old, Mannino suggests an inspection. ”It is a powerful tool to be able to say that the home has been pre-inspected,” he advised. “It also helps to make repairs to all items in advance of a buyer’s home inspection, as they will always come up again, and I have seen buyers pull out of a contract for the most trivial items.”

“Like most of Middle Tennessee, we have a serious lack of inventory which has and will continue to drive prices up to historical levels. The one thing I will tell my clients is that if they are waiting for the market to "level out" - forget it,” Mike advised. “Personally I don't see the market leveling out or prices coming down any time in the near future. There are just too many folks moving to the Nashville area and too few folks selling their homes.”

In addition, Mannino reminded, “Most know this is a sellers market. However, that doesn't mean that as a seller your house doesn't need to be in tip top shape. I tell my sellers to think of it as a buyers market and make sure your home shines inside and out,” he said. “Everything a buyer sees can affect their decision on not only whether or not to purchase the home, but also how much to offer.”

It’s advice like this that makes Mannino stand apart in Middle Tennessee real estate.

“I pride myself as being a 24/7 Realtor. My phone is never off no matter where I am. So long as I am able to answer, I will, regardless of what time it is. Same goes for any other correspondence - texts, emails, etc. I respond immediately,” he shared. “And, it's not about me - it's about my clients. I don't sell homes. I merely open doors and act as a consultant to my clients. If I think my clients should pass on a home, I let them know, but I will never tell them they should buy a home. That is their decision and one they should carefully make.”

When they make buying and selling decisions, Mannino hopes they will rely on professionals when questions come up, such as Middle Tennessee home inspectors like Mike Hankins. “I have been utilizing Mike's services for the past five years. In that time frame, he has always been fair, knowledgeable and has provided my clients a great value for his service. He is an important part of what I consider my success team.”

To schedule time with Mike Hankins’ WIN Brentwood home inspection team, please call (615) 969-5741.