Cookeville Home Inspector Respected for Thoroughness

Cookeville Home Inspector Wins Respect.jpg

Upper Cumberland Realtor® Gina Key has watched Jim Dainty serve as a Cookeville home inspector for more than 12 years. In that time she has grown to respect and value the home inspection work Jim and Greg provide to local residents.

While Key explained that home buyers must choose the home inspector they use, many look toward Jim Dainty as a prompt, competitively priced Cookeville home inspector. “I usually recommend that buyers plan to be there for the home inspection, or at least at the end of it, so that the home inspector can meet with them,” she explained. Key shared that Jim Dainty and his WIN inspection team are always willing to do so, describing them as “very thorough” and producing reports that are “easy to read.” 

Key recommends that home buyers follow a checklist she’s compiled as they move through their home purchase and that they start the process by being pre-approved. Key had other buying advice offered specifically for first time home buyers. They need to save up to make sure they have money to cover the costs of a home inspection, termite inspection, appraisal and earnest deposit. 

Talking of Jim and Greg as home inspectors, Key recalled, “They are very buyer friendly and very approachable. Jim takes the time to explain to clients in a very thorough way, if there are issues.”

“One time I had a buyer where some furniture was blocking a door during the home inspection,” Key said. “The buyer found out later that there was rot under the door, and he came back out and fixed it.”

When she works with clients selling their home, Key shares a list with them as well. “We want to have their home show better than every other home. There are 15-20 steps we take to get every house ready before we list it.” 

No matter whether they are buying or selling a home, Key believes, “Everyone should have a Realtor® that watches out for their best interest.”